The DARMC project has been funded to date by the Initiative for the Science of the Human Past at Harvard, the Fund for Instructional Technology of the Provost of Harvard University, by McCormick’s Distinguished Achievement Award from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, by a Harvard University Tozier award for the visual representation of scientific data, by an NEH subaward from collaboration with the Pleiades project at  the Ancient World Mapping Center, the Stoa Consortium and the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World, and by the Arcadia Fund of London.


General Editor

Michael McCormickMichael McCormick
Francis Goelet Professor of Medieval History,
Department of History,
Science of the Human Past,
Harvard University.

Managing Editors

Santiago Pardo SanchezSantiago Pardo Sanchez
Harvard College '16





Alexander MoreAlexander More,
Science of the Human Past,
Harvard University.



Editorial Advisory Committee

Vicky   Eurydice Georganteli
   Department of History of Art and Architecture
   and Medieval Studies




Leland GrigoliLeland Grigoli,
Department of History,
Brown University




kelly gibsonKelly Gibson,
Assistant Professor,
Department of History,
University of Dallas.



Former Staff and Contributors

Guoping Huang, School of Architecture, University of Virginia (Senior Editor for GIS: 2007-2010); Ece Gulsum Turnator, Dept. of History, Harvard University (Project Manager: 2012-2013); Kelly Gibson (Project Manager: 2008-2012); Brendan Maione-Downing (Managing Editor, 2011-2014); Matthew Polk (Project Manager: 2007-2008), Maria Waldinger (London School of Economics); Christina Skelton (Harvard Society of Fellows); Giovanni Zambotti and Lex Berman, Center for Geographic Analysis at Harvard University.  

Other senior contributors

Wendy Guan, Executive Director, Center for Geographic Analysis at Harvard University.
Peter Bol, Vice Provost for Advances in Learning and the Charles H. Carswell Professor of East Asian Languages and Civilizations.

Undergraduate contributors

Sonja EliasonSonja Eliason
(Harvard College '19)






Hannah FeldmanHannah Feldman
(Harvard College '19)
Hannah Feldman is a senior concentrating in History at Harvard College with a secondary in Medieval Studies. She has been a DARMC contributor since the spring of 2016, and a Research Fellow for the Standing Committee on Medieval Studies since the fall of 2016. Besides her work with digital history, she has worked as an intern at the New-York Historical Society in curation and tour-leading. She is interested in early medieval history, literature, art, and music.


Leila HoferLeila Hofer
(Harvard College '15)


Matthew LuongoMatthew Luongo
(Harvard College '17)






Philip KadaevPhillip Kadaev
(Harvard College '20)




valerie piroValerie Piro
(Harvard College '13, Harvard Graduate School of Education '17)


Brianna RennixBrianna Rennix
(Harvard College '13, Harvard Law School '18)